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Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Beginnings

Hello! Good Morning.

I have not wrote an update in awhile. The funny thing is, I was told by people, you need to update your blog! So here I am.

This is the beginning of new changes in my life. I am uncertain of what is to come for me. I found out that enrollment is down at my school next year. I am the teacher with the least amount of time with the district. I am not needed next year. This is one chapter ending and another beginning. Although I am uncertain of the future, I feel this will be an opportunity for me. SOOO, IF YOU HEAR OF ANY DISTRICTS NEEDING A FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE TEACHER, LET ME KNOW. =-D Or anything else that sounds like it would be up my alley. It will be greatly appreciated.

I am pretty excited! I got several new cook books yesterday:
Deceptively Delicious, Jessica Seinfeld - I thought this looked good because it incorporates veggies/fruits into the recipes.
Secrets of Fat-Free cooking, Sandra Woodruff - Steve's dad can't eat much fat because he has to have his gall bladder removed. His parents are coming down for Easter, I wanted to get some ideas. I also thought this would be good just for eating healthier too.
Smoothies and Juices, Christine Ambridge - Mom found this and I love love love to make smoothies, this has smoothies for all occasions. Wonderful!

I also got a new pair of shoes (Nike Shox-silver and lavender) for the Y. My old ones were pretty worn out. I am back on my healthy kick. Yay! I will be counting my points and eating healthier. Using the cookbooks above and also Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien; this book is more about one serving meals that are low in points and very filling. As I was shopping yesterday I found lots of fun workout clothes; I did not buy them. My reward for staying on track will be various items of work out clothes that I want. It will motivate me to get my butt in gear. Not only will I be using my YMCA membership, I also use my wii fit, and I have been out rollerblading with Ashley. Our goal by the end of the summer is to be able to skate from Cannon Falls to Red Wing, 19 miles. We figured that since we started skating in March that by the end of the summer we can do it. We have also talked about participating in the North Shore Inline Marathon in September.

Mom and I will be participating in the Breast Cancer walk on Mother's day this year. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. :-DD We are our own team. Just the two of us. It is how we are in life too. We have always been a team. We are not registered as an actual team, but we came up with a pretty Snazzy name...are you ready...Marty Borough (Irish) - Like Mardi Gras!!! Heehehe! We will deck ourselves out in beads and other garb. It should be a great time. Mom and I had a blast last year. :-) Love you Mom! <3>

I haven't had any time to try new recipes, but with these new cookbooks, I am sure I will soon!


I have a new favorite place to shop, www.amazon.com. I love it! I will go to the store and find something that I like. I will then go home and find the same thing on amazon for much cheaper! It's the best ever. Last weekend I went to Barnes and Noble, I found two books that would of totalled $32 plus tax. I went to www.half.com and searched the books and found each book for $0.75!! I am now an online shopping girl! Steve accidentally washed his cell phone with the laundry. We had to replace the phone. I got the Samsung Instinct (pink). I love it! I ordered a case(black/white zebra print)/plastic cover/charger all on amazon for less than just one of those items at Best Buy!

Off to do laundry, dishes and cleaning. Woo Hoo! *sarcasm* What a happy Sunday. At least it will be productive. I also want to read my Sunday Star Tribune.

Have a great day!

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