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Words to describe me include: fun-loving, kind, caring, outgoing and up for a new adventure. Some of my interests in a nutshell, gardening, crafts, cooking, the outdoors, camping, hiking, photography, and creating positive relationships.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Always loved and never forgotten.

Happy times,
How time flies
Fourteen years to be exact. 

Peaceful, Calm, at ease
Thank you for the fond memories

It is hard to think of how far you have came to where it has all ended.  
Your sweet face, lovely smile and gentle kisses have mended
a bad day
because you have a special way

So much happiness and such,
You are still loved ever so much.

You where the silent secret keeper.  
Always the happy greeter

Guardian, protector and comforter.   
Loving as a mother. 

The end was hard. 
But we must remember how you loved to play in the yard. 

Pick up a toy, chase a rabbit, roll in the grass.  
You have definately left your memory among the mass.  

You did not make enemies.  
Only fond memories. 

Running, Jumping, chasing  and playing

Protecting, comforting, always pleasing
Constantly appeasing.  

Our best friend 
to the end.  
Always loved and never forgotten.