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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mankato Calendar Submissions

Last year I submitted photos to the city of Mankato for their annual calendar contest.  
I had a photo that made it in!  So I am trying again this year.  
Let me know which ones you like!! :-D
I can submit 15.  Do you think I submit them all?  


I can't decide which one I like better. I feel the cold in the top picture
and the bottom has such great colors reflecting of the sun setting!  


At the Minnesota River behind the Kiwanis Dog Park

Goats at Sibley Park Zoo

After the spring thaw.  The Minnesota river was very high in Sibley Park

Mankato Symphony Orchestra playing at the new Riverfront Park

I like the boy and man holding hands

I really like the reflection of the sun in this photo.  But I am afraid they won't like the orbs.  I also like the rainbow reflecting off of this guys bike tire.  I also like the symmetry of all of the curves. 

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