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Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Day!

Good Evening!

Today went by very very fast. The kids made bisquick cherry swirl coffee cake. They glaze and eat it tomorrow. It looks delicious.

I was prepared with my food and I stayed within my points range! Yay me! I also took the dog out for a walk around my neighbor hood. I met some friendly people who also had dogs. What a great way to meet your neighbors. The dogs just walk up to each other and then you're forced to say hi. One of the people is a teacher in the same school district as me!

When we got back Skippy was nuts! He was barking like crazy and running around. I then gave him a bath, he was even crazier. He proceeded to run back and forth between the two bedrooms, marking the floor mid-run, and tried to take all of the covers off of the bed. He was using his head as a bulldozer! He finally settled down. I don't think he likes the feeling of being wet and he also had his raging hormones and has no self control.

Now I am sipping hot cocoa and watching Dancing With The Stars.

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